What's the deal?

A friction-free way to be the expert behind the screen.

Don’t scare customers away with robotic chat messaging. Text An Expert by TextDrive enables a seamless 1:1 connection between dealerships and shoppers so dealers can give expert advice in real-time.

Text An Expert by Texting Dealer is the only tool that connects real people wanting to ask a question with real dealership staff who can properly evaluate the question and conduct a friction-free process completely through text.

A friction-free way for the public to ask dealerships questions about their vehicles.

Text an Expert is extremely versatile. it is 100% mobile optimized and can be linked to open from email blasts, QR codes in your PPC, and social media advertising. We even provide custom buttons and QR codes.

You will complete an onboarding form for branding and customization for your dealership and get direct contact to your staff.

Expert Advice Instantly

Text an Expert helps you get things done by providing a direct link between dealers and shoppers. Get inquiries straight to your phone. Consulting has never been so convenient.

Be Real

Make an impression and humanize the experience by answering questions yourself. Dealers can even start the conversation, too! Text an Expert won't let you miss out on business opportunities.

Better Than Chat

Text an Expert provides a superior shopper experience by design. Take the conversation with you wherever you go and manage conversations easily with chat commands.


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